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A purveyor of many things magical, one of the products Schön can most readily supply is some manner of magic potion. "A potion for every problem," he's fond of claiming, and certainly his selection has range.

The interested shopper might find:
-Potions of Healing: brewed to varying potency, also available as topical oils for aiding the unconscious or benefiting those who don't imbibe.
-Potions to Enhance: run faster, jump higher, hit harder, endure more. Side effects are usually temporary.
-Distillate Remedies: cure disease, restore petrified friends to life, return sight to the blind and hearing to the deaf, even lift some minor curses.
-Thaumaturgic Cosmetics: why hide unsightly blemishes when you can do away with them entirely? Change shape, size, proportion, pigment, gender, even species for the right price.

Note: love potions are not available at any price.
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Schön had been busy since parting with Princess Iphigenia, sifting the Nexus for an evening of experiences worthy of the lady. Looking himself over in the mirror, straightening his white tie, he has to admit that the only thing he has left to do is hope. Donning his hat and taking up his cane (tonight, the silver head resembles a cluster of grapes), he takes up Iphi's bouquet before setting out: a spray of luminous night-blooming orchids that glow from within with a soft, rosy light.

Thus does he stride out into the Nexus, seeking the charming lady to whom he's promised a night of adventure.
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When Verity arrives for her daily shift, Schön's demeanor in answering the door suggests this might not be just another day at the office. "Ah, good morning. I wonder if you might feel like a small change in the routine?"
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Just before the hour of daffodils, Schön arrives at the nondescript little door to his office, glancing up and down the avenue to check if Amelia is in sight. The silver head of his cane is a cluster of grapes, today, hanging on the vine, and he is otherwise as immaculate as ever. He pauses, turning his face upward for a moment and closing his eyes to appreciate what passes for sunlight in the Nexus.
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Schön knows well the door to Katsuya's world. He ought to, and pauses a moment to admire his handiwork before grasping the serpent-shaped door handle and stepping through. His destination is the precinct station where Katsuya works. A white man stands out in Nippon, snappy dresser or no, so he doesn't go inside, but lingers in the vicinity to wait for the sergeant to come off of a shift.
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It had taken some time to find a world with a suitable orchestra, performing the right sort of pieces in the proper timeframe. Securing tickets had been a small effort, comparably, but a necessary one. All that remained now was to maintain a casual air while raising the subject to his employee and friend, during one of her visits. "I wonder, Verity, if you might be free this evening?"

(There is, an astute observer may note, a new piece hanging among the thin man's collection on the walls; a painting of a pumpkin, leaves, autumnal bounty.)
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Schön has been busy, lately, meeting with various proprietors of Nexus businesses. As he steps out of one of the clothiers and finds the pace of the foot traffic, he issues a quiet summons: "Nekomata, I would speak with you. Kindly attend me at your earliest convenience." The course he winds through the crowd sends him toward the edge of the residential district, close to the parklands, where gloom has been gathering and deepening for weeks.
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The base camp outside the tomb has grown with each of Jesse's visits, the people there carefully packing each relic, carting the day's haul to somewhere in the Nexus every evening. Better cameras have been procured, a whole portable photo studio's worth of lights, tripods, high-grade lenses.

Today, when Jesse arrives, Schön waits beside a number of polished sandalwood boxes, some large, some small. "Good morning," the thin man calls with a smile. "At last, I've something to reward your patience: the pieces you requested are in."
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Schön has come to the Fox and Crosier with something odd, today, a sizable piece of luggage with a handle at one end and little wheels at the other, a briefcase hanging from his other hand. His cane is hanging on the luggage, for the moment.

He leaves his name with the front desk, asking Amelia to be told he's here whenever she wakes. That done, he makes his way to the dining room to wait.
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Dappled sunlight and soft birdsong await when Amelia wakes. The room in which she does so features whitewashed plaster walls surmounted by smoke-darkened beams, standing over a well-fitted hardwood floor covered by woven-rag rugs. A desk sits by the window, paired with a chair in which sits a well-dressed man, currently occupied in reading a slim book. Next to the door are a mirror and a table with a pitcher and basin; opposite them stands a wardrobe.

Amelia herself lies atop the blankets of a single bed that smells faintly of lavender, having been neither undressed nor disarmed. The wall is to one side of her, a nightstand to the other. If she cared to assume that a trunk stood at the foot of the bed, she would not be mistaken.
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Schön keeps an office in the Nexus, although he does most of his work outside it, an opulent retreat from the timeless bustle outside. Richly colorful Oriental rugs allow only glimpses of a polished oak floor. The desk is a monolith of mahogany, inlaid with accents of rosewood and teak, carved with reliefs of twining roots and branches, of fanciful creatures, and of faces peeking from among the leaves. The chairs before and behind the desk are upholstered in silk and buttery-soft leather, the one behind the desk tall and evocative of a throne.

The walls, papered in a deep Chinese red pinstriped with navy, are densely clustered with art in a dizzying array of styles; most are paintings, but a few cameos hang as well, and a Stradivarius enjoys pride of place over the mantle. Shelves behind the desk are similarly crowded with books and odd little knickknacks, the former rarely comprising the sort of orderly matched sets that tend to fill shelves behind desks in offices. To one side of the door stand a coat rack and a sideboard loaded with bottles of exotic libations, while to the opposite side stands a small table bearing several indistinct articles over which has been draped a gossamer shroud. Against one side wall sits an overstuffed couch, and in the opposite wall is set a fireplace, where a multicolored flame pops and crackles merrily, sending an occasional swirl of rainbow-colored sparks up the chimney.

The room has also been warded to a fare-thee-well, to keep out prying eyes and ears, ensuring that all which transpires within remains private. The wards, to an extent, even work both ways, for when the door is closed, all the noise from outside falls away.

Hanging up his hat and cane as he enters, Schön turns to offer a hand to escort Verity inside. "Please come in, Ms. Willis, and be seated comfortably. May I offer you anything to steady your nerves?"
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