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Name:Schön W. Freund
Schön is a tall, handsome man, blond, with chiseled features and a piercing gaze. He favors suits and the manner of a gentleman, and is rarely seen without a silver-headed ebony walking stick.

[Character is an OC, loosely inspired by White Wolf's Changeling: the Dreaming, 2nd ed. Played-by is the Thin White Duke, David Bowie, who has neither knowledge of nor association with this character. It's all for fun, though, not profit, so hopefully that excuses it.]

[Setting note: Schön is by no means an official authority in the Nexus. What power he has, he gains and holds through wheeling and dealing, but for people who don't want to deal with him, he's far from the only game in town (much to his frustration).]
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